The Dublin Education Foundation (DEF), founded in 1999, supports educational endeavors which strengthen and enrich the educational community and the learning environment in the Dublin City schools. It provides grants to staff, students and parent groups who seek funding for their enrichment and learning enhancement projects, curricular and extra-curricular activity programs. The DEF Board of Trustees has recently approved one $500 scholarship for each of the three high schools in the Dublin City Schools.

A student must

  • graduate from one of the three Dublin City Schools high schools, and
  • pursue a post-secondary education.

Application requirements:

  • An essay of no more than 500 words that reflects the applicant’s personal attributes, his/her needs for financial assistance, aspiration, future career goal, reason(s) for choosing such a career and a particular form of post-secondary education;
  • An official copy of the school transcript;
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers;
  • Two letters of recommendation from community members; and
  • Content of the letters should address all items listed under the “Judging considerations” section.

Judging considerations:

  • Academic progress through all the high school years
  • Personal attitude and character
  • Involvement with extra-curricular activities
  • Community service
  • Need for financial assistance