Board of Trustees 2013-14

Anderson, David – Business/ Treasurer

Callender, Gwen – At-Large/ Vice President

Doyle, Jane – PTO

Gyuro, Steve – At-Large

Hoadley, Todd – Dublin Schools

Holderman, Stacey – Dublin Alumni Association

McCort, Cathy – PTO

Michallow, Kayleigh – Dublin Alumni Association

Osborne, Stephen – Dublin Schools

Reis, Todd – Business

Schilling, Eydie – Dublin Schools

Seward, Shirley – At-Large/ Corresponding Secretary

Simmons, Kevin – At-Large

Tanner, Carolyn – Business/ Secretary

Teets, Judy – At-Large

Temple, Marsha – At-Large/ President

Weber, Rich – Business

Woo, Mabel – At-Large/ Past President

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