More grants issued

At its meeting on July 16, 2015, the Dublin Education Foundation Board of trustees approved:

  • $400 to Sells Middle toward the SMS Work System which includes reading, math, science social studies, life skill activities and pre-vocational practice for students with significant disabilities.
  • $500 to Dublin Coffman High toward the program supplies of the Freshmen Mentor Program which promotes the growth and successful transition of all freshmen through the efforts of upperclassmen as role models and faculty advisors.
  • $250 to Dublin Coffman High toward the Mosaic Benches Courtyard project of the IB Diploma students who need to fulfill the requirement of “Creativity, Activity and Service”.
  • $462.50 to Riverside Elementary toward the Educational Makerspace Tools which aims to create an environment of hands-on and student-guided learning that inspires wonder, invites curiosity, encourages creativity and, at the same time, allows for flexibility and choice.   
  • $413.64 to Daniel Wright Elementary toward the Genius Hour project for the 5th graders with the goal to promote and encourage students’ creativity, risk-taking, self-directed learning, teamwork and acceptance of failure in a fun and non-competitive way.

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